Automatic downloads of digital products

From time to time we get asked by sellers who sell digital / downloadable products on the site about having those items automatically download when someone places an order When a customer buys a digital product on the site, it won’t automatically download; you’ll need to email them or send them a Dropbox or WeTransfer […]

Hello Pretty beta program

If you’re willing to trade a completely stable online shop for bleeding edge tools and the latest features, the Hello Pretty Beta program is probably right for you. When we’re working on new features we do as much testing as possible, but the best way to test new tools and features is to let them […]

Google Analytics Integration

Lots of sellers ask us how they can see who is visiting their store, or how many visits their store has. The answer: the almighty Google Analytics! Sellers whose stores are upgraded to the Standard plan have an extra feature that allows you to integrate your own Google Analytics account into your store. Using Google […]

Organizing your shop with shop sections

Once you’ve got more than a few products, you’re likely going to want to organize those into different logical sections, both for your own sanity, and to help customers more easily find the products they’re looking for. Shop sections are the perfect tool for this. This is also ideal for those of you with a […]

Order ratings

To help both you and us improve our service, customers can rate and comment on their experience with your store. Good customer service is incredibly important to us, and we hope it is to you too. You can go a long way towards getting a good review by communicating clearly with the customer and keeping […]

Issuing a gift voucher specific to your store

If you want to run a promotion in your store and you’re on the Standard plan, you’ll have the option to create a gift voucher that will work only for purchases made from your store, and no other stores on Hello Pretty. This is a feature available to users on standard and higher plans. Here’s […]

Private and custom product listings

You can use private product listings to create custom products for customers or as an easy way to offer specials to a select group of customers. This feature is only available to stores that are on the Standard Plan. How to make a private product: First, create or edit a product just as you would […]

Product cloning

Hello Pretty does not have a bulk uploader for product listings, but you can create a single product and clone it to speed up populating your shop if you have a number of similar items. This feature is available to shops that are on the Standard Plan. Cloning creates an identical new product. You will […]

Add your shop to Facebook & your website with Pretty Portable

Important 2021 update: Facebook has deprecated this sort of functionality. Rather follow the instructions on this help page. We’ve always believed you should have your own branding on your Hello Pretty store. You’re all awesome and everyone should know it. Pretty Portable takes this one step further. Now you can sell through your Facebook page, […]