Why am I being charged commission on my shipping fee?

Hello Pretty’s commission is calculated on the final order total, which includes the cost of the shipping. You’ll find that all other marketplaces do the same. There are three reasons for this: 1. We have to pay for it too Hello Pretty ourselves get charged a transaction fee on the total amount from the banks […]

What is this “With Another” thing on my products?

We’ve used a watch from the ever-popular Bamboo Revolution for illustrations on this guide. Check out her store. Let’s say you’re selling a watch …that costs R100 …that you charge R50 to post Your buyer pays R150   But what if the buyer buys two watches? This happens: My two products cost:   R100 + R100 […]

Someone placed a Pargo order from me. Help! What do I do??!

  Great news!! Your customer’s selected Pargo, a click and collect delivery option that is as convenient for both of you as it is reliable. Not sure what Pargo is? Click here for some pictures. Short version: they’re the courier who you’ll be sending your customer’s order through. They’ll collect from you, and deliver to […]

Directory of South African Courier Companies

Let’s say that in the interests of keeping your blood pressure down, you’d rather use a courier service than the Post Office. If you’re trying to source a courier, it can be a confusing process. We’ve tried to list as many options as possible here for you to investigate. Let us know if you have […]

Help with postage and the South African Post Office

The most common question we get from designers new to Hello Pretty is “What do I go about posting my products?” (The second most common one is “Are you single?” You know who you are.) Postage is hard. We hear you on this. Navigating the myriad different postage options has sent plenty nice girls to […]

Configure your store shipping options

Hello Pretty’s advanced shipping options allow you a lot of flexibility in how much you charge to ship your orders, and allowing you to offer your customers a choice of shipping methods. As with anything that’s more advanced, it’ll take a little longer to get used to but will be well worth it. Happy customer […]

Getting started with shipping

If you haven’t set up your shipping profile / shipping defaults yet or haven’t already signed up with a courier this should hopefully be a useful article for getting you up and running. A few preliminary notes We strongly recommend against using the South African post office as their reliability is subpar and in our […]