Getting started

How to manage your Hello Pretty store

Hi, Hello Pretty seller 🙋‍♀️ We ❤️ you. All the handy links to all of the things you might ever want to do as a seller on Hello Pretty are linked to in the green seller menu. This is what it looks like when you hover in the icon in the top left, and the […]

Adding a product to your online store

Start bringing your store to life by adding your pretty things for people to buy! We’ll split this into petit-four-sized sections. Because, in the wise words of Sweet Brown, when it comes to scrolling your way six kilometres down: We’ve used Polkadot Box for the illustrations in this guide. Go check her store out, it’s […]

How do I know if my order has been paid for and I’ll be paid?

By the time that a sale makes it’s way through to your inbox, the customer has paid 100% fully definitely and completely for it. Very extremely the most NB: please make 100000% sure that the bank details you captured in your store profile are 100000% correct. Wrong or mis-typed bank details will result in delay […]

Managing your sales

You made a sale. Rad!! So now you’re probably wondering what to do. Well, it’s obviously this: Next, you’ll want to manage that order. We’ve made some pictures for you using Little Lion Cub Boutique’s store. In the green seller menu, click View Sales. Make sure you are logged in on the website (if you […]

How do payouts work?

So you recently sold some awesome stuff on Hello Pretty. Good job! Now, you’re probably wondering how and when we’re going to show you the money. This page should answer your questions. Jump to: When and how often do payouts happen? When will my payout reflect? Why aren’t payouts immediate? Changing your payout schedule Withholding […]

Setting up your store

Once you’ve used your invite code and have created your Hello Pretty user account, click Create your store in the black menu bar at the top left of your screen. You’ll get a page that looks like this: We’ll split this into sections, in order to not explode your head. Jump to: Section 1: Basic […]

Designer FAQ

We understand and appreciate that new designers to Hello Pretty want to know the platform before they invest the time in creating their shop and uploading their product. Here we answered the most commonly asked questions. Jump to: Why should I choose Hello Pretty? What kind of website traffic, conversion rate, and sales do you […]

What can I sell on Hello Pretty?

So, you’d like to open a store with us, which is totally awesome news. However, in the interests of keeping the quality of items on the site high, and promoting South African design, we do have a few restrictions. Compulsory: all items must be shipped from within South Africa. Come on in! You can definitely […]