Sponsored Facebook Post with Link to Hello Pretty Store

Purchase a sponsored post about you on Hello Pretty’s sweet-as Facebook account. We have 55 100 fans at the time of writing and they’re growing every month.

Of the cost that you spend on your ad, we pay half of your money directly into a paid boost on your post. So really, your post costs the same as a couple of cocktails. A tough choice, obviously, but focus, friends. Think about your business!

We will take into consideration what you want, but it might happen that we post a different picture or text to what you want to make sure it fits in with our account’s style. Trust us, we do this all day everyday, leave the details to us. In certain cases, if need be, we might make some edits to your photo (for example to brighten it, or take out a spot).

We’ll need a little bit of warning before we do your post, and also to make sure it fits within our schedule.

Your post will link to your Hello Pretty store, and also mention your brand name. We don’t tag or link out to anything other than your Hello Pretty store, including tagging other instagram accounts. We also link to your store with the web address in our account profile.


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Now for the boring bits and pieces

  • This is an exclusive party – only Hello Pretty sellers are invited.
  • Sales and other results cannot be guaranteed. People are mysterious and unpredictable creatures. Posts should be approached first and foremost as a marketing and visibility tool.
  • Images can’t contain text. The social media platforms down-rank any images that have text.
  • It’s important to us that Hello Pretty maintain it’s image and aesthetic. To that end, we require final say over any content in your post. Any text will need to suit Hello Pretty’s tone and style to retain the integrity of our content. We don’t post press releases or straight-up advertising content.
  • Images used are extremely important. In certain cases, we might require you to get professional or clearer high-quality images. In certain instances we’ll guide you on how to take the photos with your cellphone.
  • All posts must be booked, confirmed, and paid for in full a minimum of two weeks before the ad is due to run. Failure on this point means that we might need to reschedule your post.
  • Hello Pretty reserves the right to cancel any post at any time. If we feel we that content is inappropriate or not a good fit, a full refund will be offered after consulting with you.
  • We don’t run any form of promotion for tobacco or tobacco-related products. Alcohol-related promotion is subject to review.